Sperm Suckers Sperm Suckers
Not all of our first timers can handle multi hole anarchy. Some just come in and want to get on their knees. For these sluts that just want to give us blowjobs, we let them do so with a catch: They have to swallow our sticky loads of cum! While it sounds easy and painless, we forgot to tell you that the swallowing includes several loads from different dudes, and they consume the sperm in a variety of ways: By shot glass, snorting, funneling, floor licking, etc.!

Momoko is a pleasant creature, she is half Japanese. So Sucky Sucky comes natural to her. Her nice demeanor lends to a very feminine sensual suck job. Not like the over aggressive whores of the day, she is more of a throw back to the Geisha days long gone, when a woman took the role of serving and pleasuring the man with the utmost care and pride in it. It was a pleasure seeing her plump youthful breast swinging like a pendulum on a grandfather clock, while she rocked back and forth on the cock. It wasn't long before this green horned stunt cock was ready to drop a bomb into her unfurled mouth. Momoko played with it like it was candy. Service with a Smile. (Sapporo in hand)... DollieDollieGotto Cheers!